I was ecstatic when I walked into Sephora and seen this sexy beast. I own the majority of the Sephora Hello Kitty Collection, including the unblinged handheld mirror and brush set, but damn... this made mine look like garbage! It's even crazier that one of these items costs just as much as an ipad! Is anyone willing to pay for these?

Handheld mirror: $350USD
Brush Set: $495USD


Hey bitches! Apple is at it again with their fancy gadgets. The Ipad 2 in particular launches this month and boy am I excited for this one. I've always had a thing for white electronics and jazz it up with some pink cases and accessories or what not. Well, this is the perfect gadget that is totally in my range of fire. I wasn't too excited for the first ipad because it looked too "boyish" for me, so I couldn't be happier that the new ipad comes out in white. Now I am making excuses for how much I "need" this. How hot is it to walk around with a pimped out looking ipad while being able to do all sorts of crazy things on it. I love having nice and clean gadgets that have their girly touches to it and I love seeing other bitches who do the same. Hey its 2011, keep up with the times!
What do you guys think? Is anyone out there planning on getting the Ipad 2 too?

PS. For those who like black, of course they have black. Also, first generation ipads have dropped in prices. So for those who want an ipad, but don't care which generation, you can grab one from the Apple store or eBay for a lot less! You can still be fabulous and not AS broke ;)

Don't hate. xo.


Hater: A person who cannot be happy for another person's success. They tend to be negative and point out flaws in others. This person is typically jealous and cannot handle someone who is superior to them.

You know you made it when you've got haters. Let your haters be your motivators!

Don't hate, xo.

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